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Chris Gilmour joins Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sydney to teach others how they can succeed.

Celebrity event organizer and marketing guru, Glenn Twiddle, has invited Chris Gilmour to the ‘Total Success Summit’ in Sydney, headlined by Hollywood Mega-Star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Glenn says of Chris, ‘When I heard that we had secured Arnold to headline this event, I knew I needed to source the absolute best of the best for the faculty to round out the ultimate in ‘Success Mentors’ and one of the first names I had on my wish list was Chris Gilmour.’

Many have asked ‘Why Arnold?’ and what many people are not familiar with, is Arnold was a millionaire property investor before he made his first movie. This is the reason you don't see Arnold playing bit roles, and he only ever played the leading man. He turned down all the lesser roles because they weren't part of his vision. And in fact ‘Have a Vision’ is one of the 6 keys to success that Arnold will be dissecting in his keynote presentation.

Of course Chris Gilmour’s success goes without saying and his successes, he says, can be duplicated by anyone willing to do the work and apply the principles he is going to share, not only to the real estate agents in the crowd, but to the thousands in attendance from all manner of sales related industries.

So with this power combination of Chris Gilmour and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Glenn hopes the event will be the most successful event of it’s kind to ever hit Australian shores, and anyone in attendance will leave with a blueprint for improving their businesses, sales career, or even take their lives to the next level.

The audience may look forward even to hearing some quotes from Arnold’s movies, the real motivation catch phrases that have inspired the world.

; Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women; - Conan the Barbarian

"Get to the Choppa" - Predator

And (of course)

ill Be Back

And in this case, he is back, and he’s more going to be very warmly welcomed alongside Chris.

For an interview or comment from Glenn Twiddle Author, Speaker, Trainer and Owner of the Total Success Summit, contact Naomi Twyford directly on 0412 500 126.

Or for an interview or comment from Chris Gilmour contact him on 0438 632 459.