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How to make every day count

September 04, 2018  |

Today we’re going to be talking a little a bit about business and basically my five tips on how to make every day count. So for me, there’s always so much going on here at All Properties Group and I have to juggle many different business focuses on a daily basis.

I’m often asked how do I do it, how do I manage my time to go into so many different sectors in our business, and how to be successful from doing that. Look, for me, it’s easy. I love life. I’ve worked out some things that help me manage my workload and to have fun at the same time. I really don’t separate work and play. To me, it’s all just living.

This doesn’t mean that I’m always working though even though people probably think I do all the time. It means that I’ve learned a lot about balance. So in this theme, I really wanted to share my top five tips on how to make every day count whether it’s your personal life or in your business life.

So No. 5, start with something fun.

Start your day with something fun. I think it’s the best thing. For me, I like starting the day with some sport, some exercise. Yeah, I’m an early riser. I get up some mornings 4 a.m., 5 a.m., depending on my training regime. But look, it gets the blood pumping and makes you feel like you’ve achieved something before you’ve even started working. It also releases endorphins, so you’re more likely to be in a good mood. People that know me personally, they know when I’ve exercised or when I haven’t because if I haven’t, I’m grumpy, you know. So getting up early, getting in that one hour or one-half hour of exercise before you even start your day is one of the best ways to make every day count.

No. 4, the old Nike theme, “Just Do It”.

I’ve learned very early on that if you want something to happen, don’t just sit around waiting for it. You got to work hard. You got to take your chances. You go seize opportunities when they present themselves. So look, don’t give into the fear and the self-doubt, and instead find ways to just make it happen. Those who are bold will have a higher chance of being reward. That’s No. 4.

No. 3, set goals and you got to challenge yourself, and also write your goals down.

You should always be looking for ways to make things better, including yourself. You can never know it all and it’s so important to always be learning and developing. I never stop learning. I’m constantly reading, listening to podcasts, going to seminars and conferences. But I find it really useful to set myself some goals and write them down. I make long term and I make short term goals. I think this is important, and the short term successes keep my morale up and they really spur me on towards my longer term goals that I’ve set.

By writing them down, you can also work through your list and take them off. Writing things down, it keeps your focus but it also makes sure that you don’t forget your great ideas along the way. So I look at my phone, I keep all my goals on my phone and I take my notes on my phone because it’s always with me and I find that’s the easiest way. So work out what’s the easiest way if you like keeping a journal, a diary. Even voice memos is a great thing.

No. 2, my second last tip.

It’s so important to have a break, to find some time to breathe. Like this world that we live in right now, it’s a crazy place, it’s hectic. “But wait, I only have 24 hours a day.” We all have the same amount of time. So I find the best way for me to have a break is simply, sometimes when I’m in the office, I just go outside for a couple of minutes, just get some fresh air, look at the sky. You know, it’s beautiful weather normally here in Queensland. So that’s how I do it.

Your thing might be just going and having a quick walk. It could be having a cup of coffee or cup of tea. So often this time sparks new ideas as your mind wanders, but it can also help you find solutions to problems that could be bugging you, as well. So I find that taking a break helps me rest rather than give up because if you burn yourself out, well now, you’re no good to anybody.

So, No. 1. This is five tips on making every day count.

This is my No. 1, do some good. It’s really simple. I find that fulfilment and purpose are really closely linked. Most people feel that they’re most fulfilled and the happiest when they’re having a positive impact on those around. I love making other people smile. I love seeing other people happy. It makes me happy. The business should be a driving force in creating a better world. So if you can combine your entrepreneurial skills with some social purpose, you can also have a great effect on the world.

So I’ve always set out in my business to try and disrupt the industries to benefit the customer. How can we give a greater customer experience to the people that we do business with? So guys, those are my five tips on how I make every single day count. What I want you guys to do is leave a comment. I really appreciate you guys tuning in and listening. I wanted to keep this one really nice and quick, but I wanted to bring you some value, and hopefully something that you’ve just heard allows you to really make use of the 24 hours a day that we’re given every single day when we wake up.

So I’d love to hear, love to see, so write down a comment underneath here how you make every day count. Until our next episode, guys, I’m Chris Gilmour. Thanks for listening to 3 Suits. Really appreciate it.