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BLING IT - Why Your House Isn't Selling
is our 3rd published book where we dive deep into why homes don't sell.

What The Book Cover

  1. Your street appeal sucks
  2. You won’t spend any money on marketing
  3. Your agent sucks
  4. Your selling method is wrong
  5. Your price is too high
  6. You need to clean up
  7. Your timing is wrong
  8. Check your motivation
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"Sold in 60 Seconds"

Sold In 60 Seconds was first published in 2015 but we have just released a updated "current edition" as over the past 3 yrs technology has changed the face of selling real estate.

What the book cover

  1. Selecting the Right Agent for your Situation & Market
  2. How to price your home in a falling market
  3. Auction vs Private Treaty - The Hottest Debate in Real Estate right now
  4. Marketing for the year we live in and why you have too.
  5. Social media – why it's a must in this market
  6. Virtual Reality – the game changer is here

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"Buy Now Think Later"

If you are looking to purchase your first home or you are a serial investor this is the go to book for anyone wanting to a purchase a property.

What the book covers

  1. How to purchase your first home
  2. How to pick the right suburb to buy in
  3. How to negotiate the best price you can
  4. How to Bid at Auction
  5. What secrets to look for when purchasing
  6. Step by Step guide from start to settlement

So if you are in the market to purchase anything "real estate" then make sure you grab your Free Copy of Buy Now Think Later written by Best Selling Author and Real Estate Expert Chris Gilmour.

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